Pavement Maintenance

Your paving project is an investment in the value and future of your property. It is something that needs to be cared for and maintained for a quality, lasting result. Between 1 and 2 years after your new asphalt is put down, a maintenance program should be adopted. Older pavements can be repaired and somewhat restored using the same methods. Routine sweeping, crack cleaning and filling, sealcoating and repainting pavement markings are all a part of the process. Contact us today for quoting a specific project or for assistance with mapping out a maintenance program and timeline to keep your pavement in top shape!


We can provide these pavement services for you:

Pavement Markings

Painting We can restripe new or old lines and markings on your pavement. Lines, directional arrows and informational markings such as Handicap spaces or Fire Lanes are the types of markings we can apply. To improve visibility at night, reflective coatings can be used in lieu of regular striping paints for an added safety factor.


Seal Coating After oil and fuel stains are cleaned and primed using our proprietary products, asphalt surfaces can be sealcoated. Our normal process involves spraying on between one and three applications of sealcoat in a uniform pattern. This extends the life of the asphalt and seals smaller cracks not filled by the hot rubber process.



SweeperAny size driveway, lot or private road. Our mechanized sweeping equipment makes short work of winter grit and litter. Crack Repair/Crack Sealing – using our hot-rubber crack sealer, we can fill and seal cracks greater than 1/8” in your pavement. Our cleaning includes a wire brush machine that cleans the crack, equipment that then blows the crack out using compressed air to remove sand and debris. That is followed by heating the area surrounding the crack to improve bonding. The liquid rubber ensures the sealant penetrates the depth of the crack and fills the void completely. As the rubber cools it bonds to the asphalt surface on each side of the crack, preventing water from entering.