Our goal is to provide our clients with the highest quality paving projects availble to them. This means taking the time to understand the project needs, choosing the material that is the right one for the job, and applying the asphalt correctly. Attention to detail is key, ensuring the proper thickness of the asphalt mat and rolling out a smooth surface. Our estimators will work with you to explore options for sub-base material, fine grading for drainage and appearance, basecoat thickness and choice of aggregate size and if a topcoat is necessary or required. We take great pride in finding the right solution for your paving needs, every time.

Driveways & Sidewalks

From all-new construction to replacement or resurfacing of existing pavement, and as a cost-saving measure, many clients are opting to lay a 2" basecoat and adding a topcoat at a later date if desired.


Our personnel have the experience to pave roads for municipalities and private developments. Our extra attention to detail, which we provide, ensures the road surface will match the crown design and utilities openings evenly.


When utility or culvert installation requires cutting existing asphalt, we can repair it! Our paver can pave varying widths and is suitable for closing up trench cuts in roads, gas stations, and any other application for cutting in asphalt.


If your project requires curbing, we have the option of three unique shapes. Our estimators will guide you through the design and how the curbing will fit into your site plan.

Porous Pavement

If your project is within a shoreland zone, or you just want to go green, we are able to install porous pavement on your project. This technique allows stormwater runoff to be absorbed into the ground without creating runoff areas and erosion.